Summer Dreams 2024 Program

Act 1

  1. Joanna
    Described as the equivalent to a firework on New Years Eve, Joanna is Australia’s own internationally acclaimed belly dance performer, instructor and powerhouse entertainer. For over 25 years, Joanna’s experience in the performing arts has led her to achieve proficiency in numerous dance forms outside of belly dance – including ballet, jazz, and musical theatre. Joanna’s love of MENAHT (Middle Eastern, North African, Hellenic & Turkish) dance has thrusted her into the international realm, where she has performed on festival stages across France, Spain and Greece. She is also the resident Belly Dance teacher at the world-renowned school, Maison Burlesque.
  2. Blue Mystique
    Emily and Janelle love collaborating to bring their choreographic ideas to life. They are both trained dancers, actors and singers, and they endeavor to make their storytelling performances both meaningful and entertaining, for themselves and their audience.
    Piece description : A fan veil piece full of emotion.
  3. Musa
    Musa, from Iran, loved dance since childhood and try my best not to miss an opportunity to perform.
  4. Dantilla Troupe
    Dantilla Troupe was formed in 2007 having the Arabic word Dantilla that means ‘lace’. The members are of various levels of experience in Oriental Dance. Forming friendships on and off the dance floor. Together, searching for the joy and the challenges in every performance.
  5. Nikki
    Nikki has been bellydancing since 2008 but has had a couple of breaks to focus on family and health. She has recently performed as a member of the Melbourne ShimmyMob team and is looking forward to participating again this year.
  6. Tanbura Bellydance
    Tanbura Bellydance enjoy sharing Fat Chance Bellydance Style group improvised performances in their wider community of the Hills and Dandenong Ranges, bringing colour and energy to local farmers markets and Community Festivals. Members love dancing together and the fun and scope for creativity bellydance offers. Group director Jedda teaches classes in Ferntree Gully.
  7. Laura Entwined
    A Queensland-born, Melbourne-based bellydance, yoga and pilates teacher, dance choreographer, troupe director and performance artist, Laura Entwined aka Raks Laura/Laura Raks, has been bringing dance artistry to the stage since 2009. Since her debut performance in 2006 with Red Belly Black supporting Rachel Brice, her passion for bellydance has seen her grace the stage of some of Australia’s biggest arts, music and lifestyle festivals, perform internationally in NZ, Indonesia and the USA, and support international bellydance superstars Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Deb Rubin,Sharon Kihara, and Ashley Lopez. Laura shares her passion for bellydance at weekly classes for the Entwined Bellydance School.
  8. Bluefire Bellydancers
    Bluefire Bellydancers, led by Emily Nicholson, are a fabulous group of women hailing from the Western suburbs of Melbourne. With a mixture of ages, shapes and abilities, this group of passionate dancers enjoy performing at different events and festivals to help raise community awareness of bellydancing.
  9. Prue
    Prue of The Dance Safe Project, co-founder of The Far East Bellydance Collective, Summer/Winter Dreams and The Australian Bellydance Convention will grace the stage with a dynamic drum solo. Prue has been dancing all her life and is still working as a professional Bellydancer 23 years after attending her first Bellydance class.

— 15 min Social Dancing Break —

Act 2

  1. Mystique Bellydance
    Well-known Melbourne Belly Dancer Janelle runs Mystique Bellydance classes in the South Eastern suburb of Rowville. Her classes for beginners through to advanced dancers encourage people of any age, shape or ability to connect with their body and unlock their creative passion and love for dance. With a focus on FUN and genuine connection, Mystique Bellydancers are more like a family, always supporting and encouraging each other in our dance and life journey.
  2. Amanda
    Amanda is a self-professed dance nerd who runs APB Dance. She is involved in supporting dancers at all levels with community and fundraising events including ShimmyMob, First Run Stage and the Australian Belly Dance Convention. She is Australia’s only Salimpour Belly Dance Fundamental Licensed Instructor and is always working to extend her knowledge – practical and theoretical on dance.
  3. Zabelle and Deanna
    Duet with Zabelle and Deanna. Both being members of the Dantilla Troupe. This occasion is a first. They have joined together to create a unique picture. Sharing through improvisation the love, knowledge, and years of experience in dance.
  4. Sarah of Red Rakia
    Sarah is a captivating and dramatic dancer who has refined her belly dance technique over 20 years of practice and performance at festivals and venues, including The Famous Spiegeltent, the National Gallery of Victoria and Regent Theatre. An Underbelly alumni, Sarah has performed and toured with several Balkan and Romani-styled bands, including Babaganoush, Zarafa and The Seduceaphones. She fell in love with Turkish Roman and American Tribal fusion dance for their power and passion and has spent time in San Francisco, Turkey and Rajasthan studying local dances, all of which have influenced her style. Sarah has an affinity for the sword and is expanding into fire dance.
  5. Catkin
    Catkin’s dance style is heavily influenced by Egyptian, cabaret, tribal and flamenco. She also combines belly dace with contact juggling and isolation hoops. Catkin has also explored many other art forms including circus, acting and physical theatre. 
  6. Entwined Bellydance Troupe
    Established in 2009 by Laura Entwined, Entwined Bellydance is one of Australia’s most successful and long-running fusion bellydance companies. Launching as a dance school in 2013, delivering successful weekly classes in Melbourne’s north, training numerous dancers from near and far, the group has presented and performed numerous feature shows, 4 sellout full-length shows in Melbourne since 2017, and regularly presents and performs across Australia’s best and biggest electronic music and lifestyle festivals; such as at Earth Frequency, Rainbow Serpent, Seven Sisters, Strawberry Fields, Mind Body Spirit Festival and more. The school currently delivers holistic Oriental Bellydance and Fusion Bellydance classes,including yoga and pilates, in Brunswick, Bundoora and Online.
  7. Isabel
    Isabel is known for her elegant, authentic dance style and her warm, lyrical interpretation of belly dance music and songs. Whether classical or modern songs, Isabel offers her audiences a joyous shared experience of emotion, energy, and exuberance. Isabel’s favourite style is whatever is playing at that moment, connecting with one or other or more of the music’s elements.
  8. Melbourne Bellydance
    Melbourne Bellydance is a Premiere Bellydance entertainment agency. We train dancers in Bellydance from beginners to professional dancers as part of our sister school Strut Entertainment. The performers today are students from our choreography class accompanied by members of the MBD Pro Team.
  9. Janelle
    Dance has been a major part of Janelle’s life since she was a young girl. She began theatrical dance, drama & vocal training at the age of six and has been performing professionally in live shows, film and television since she was a teenager. Janelle’s love for Belly dancing stems from taking classes with her mother when she was eighteen and is now the main focus for her dance training, teaching and performing.

— Social Dancing —


Thank you for sharing this afternoon with us.