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Immerse yourself in the world of Bellydance with Melbourne’s top teachers. Workshops will span across two days at the Burrinja Cultural Centre. From Tribal Fusion to Oriental, percussion, a make-up workshop and a music lecture. The Far East Bellydance Festival has something for everyone!


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Saturday 22nd September

ALL DAY in Skylark Bar – Open stage performances!

ALL DAY in the Birrunja foyer – Market stalls.

Studio A Studio B
10:15am – TASTER (45min) – “Play it again, Sam” with Amanda
All styles & levels – Prop (Zills)
10:15am – WORKSHOP (1hr 45min) – “Slither like a Snake, Slink like a Panther” with Laura Entwined
Fusion, all levels.
11:15am – TASTER (45min) – “Sharp Hips, Soft Hips” with Prue
Oriental, all levels
12:15pm – TASTER (45min) – “ATS® Fat Chance Belly Dance taster” with Jedda
ATS, all levels
12:15pm – WORKSHOP (1hr 45min) – “Embracing the Chaos” with Laila
Oriental improvisation int/adv
1:15pm – TASTER (45min) – “Chill in the hills” with Nikki
Meditation, open to all
2:15pm – WORKSHOP (1hr 45min) – “Don’t Sweat the Slow Stuff” with Ekaterini
Oriental, all levels
2:15pm – WORKSHOP (1hr 45min) – “Drum like an Egyptian” with Evy
Drumming, all levels

Sunday 23rd September

Studio A Studio B Dressing Room
10:15am – WORKSHOP (1hr 45min) – “ATS® with an Edge for Everyone” with Lauren Fisher
ATS, Int, Sword
10:15am – WORKSHOP (1hr 45min) – “Golden Hips” with Alisa Shine
Oriental, Choreography, Int-Adv
12:15pm – WORKSHOP (1hr 45min) – “Haunted” with Melusina
Fusion, Int-Adv
12:15pm – WORKSHOP (1hr 45min) – “Drum Solo Collective” with Virginia & Nasser
Oriental, Choreography, Int-Adv
2:15pm – WORKSHOP (1h 45min) – “Where is that song from?” with Tara Yasmin
Lecture, open
2:15pm – WORKSHOP (1hr 45min) – “Sword and Veil: Prop Mastery” with Josie
Oriental, Int-Adv, Prop: Sword and Veil
2:15pm – WORKSHOP (1hr 45min) – “Stage Glamour Make up” with Rita
Makeup, open